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We apologize, this Challenge is no longer available. Stay tuned for future Challenge updates. 

Guess What? Sugar Is Toxic!

Friend power, not willpower is the key to success. Get inspired and stay connected with our online community.

The 10-Day Detox Challenge

Live Support Calls

What's Included?

Recipe guides, daily videos, educational presentations, health checklists and more to help keep you organized and on track.

Detailed Meal Plan & Resources

Community Support

Dr. Hyman and his team will provide support along your 10-Day journey with Q&A calls as well as featured special guests.

Dr. Hyman and his team will host 10 free live calls at
8:00pm Eastern (5:00pm Pacific) to guide you through the
10-Day Detox Challenge.

Can’t make the live calls? Don’t worry!
All of the calls will be recorded and saved for you.

Here's the 10-Day Detox Schedule

- Call Schedule -

Thursday, May 11th: Preparation Call

Dr. Hyman’s Wellness Coaches will help you prepare for success on the 10-Day Detox Program

Monday, May 15th: Day 1 Kick Off Call

Detox 101 with Mark Hyman, MD

Tuesday, May 16th: Day 2 - Q&A Support Call

Get live support from Dr. Hyman’s Wellness Coaches 

Wednesday, May 17th: Day 3 Call

How to Optimize Your Detox with Dr. Ed Levitan

Thursday, May 18th: Day 4 - Q&A Support Call

Get live support from Dr. Hyman’s Wellness Coaches 

Monday, May 22nd: Day 8 Call

Detox Your Mind with Dr. Naim Omid

Tuesday, May 23rd: Day 9 - QA Support Call

Get live support from Dr. Hyman’s Wellness Coaches

Thursday, May 25th: Transition Call 1

How to Create Life-Long Health

Monday, May 29th: Transition Call 2

Question & Answer Support Call

Wednesday, May 31st: Transition Call 3

Question & Answer Support Call

If you’re feeling sluggish, or are addicted to sugar, or you have brain-fog, skin challenges, or just feel like crap, or if you’re just looking to reset your body and kickstart your health, join me and my team for a FREE 10 Day Detox Challenge.

Yes, you read that right. This challenge is completely free because I’ve found that my patients and and readers achieve success in their journey toward better health when they use the power of community, and I am on a mission to create global healing and to reach as many as people as possible.

Here's to your health,

Mark Hyman, MD

P.S. This may be the only time we offer a Free 10-Day Detox Challenge. Don't miss out!

Free for the First Time!

We apologize, this Challenge is no longer available. Stay tuned for future Challenge updates. 

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